During this treatment mechanical vibrations are used with a frequency of 800-2400 kHz. Phenomenon that appear in human tissues that are exposed to the effect of ultrasounds are various depending on the area that is exposed. Nerve tissue shows a great ability to absorb ultrasound, to a lesser degree muscle tissue and the least shows fat tissue that has a rather dense structure. The basic effect of ultrasounds on tissues is a mechanical effect called micro-massage. This is caused by a change is pressure as the ultrasound pass through the tissue. Another important component of the effects of ultrasound is the effect on the biochemistry of tissues that leads to an improvement of blood circulation.

Treatments that use ultrasound have an analgesic effect, decrease muscle tension dilate blood vessels and slow down inflammatory processes. They also are used in the treatment of plantar fasciitis or so called „heel spurs”. 
  • Degenerative joint disease and spinal osteoarthritis.
  • Plantar fasciitis or so called „heel spurs”
  • Treatment after all types of fractures, injuries, sprains or hematomas
  • Diseases that have a  rheumatological ethiology,
  • Treatment of nerve pathology neuralgias and other diseases of the nervous system.
  • Cancer,
  • Active tuberculosis,
  • Fever,
  • Circulatory insufficiency,
  • Poor general health,
  • Pregnancy,,
  • Urinary tract and kidney diseases,
  • Skin lesions,
  • Periods during and after radiotherapy.
Description of the treatment:
Preparation for this treatment is relatively simple. If the area of the treatment has dense hair (for instance the area of the knee or ankle joint in men) it must unfortunately be removed. Before the treatment you will be asked to expose the area to be treated and the person performing the treatment will apply coupling agent to (gel, paraffin) to your body, which is necessary to perform the treatment. Next, the ultrasound probe will be moved along your body and you will feel nothing more than the pleasant sensation of the probe movement.
The treatment lasts about 5 minutes. There are no special indications as to attire but comfortable sport attire is most practical.


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