Sollux Lamp

A Sollux lamp serves to produce infrared and visible light radiation. This radiation penetrates to a debth of about 3 cm and causes tissue expansion and blood vessel dilation which in turn promote better blood circulation, increased metabolism, decreased muscle tension and creates an analgesic effect.

The Sollux lamp is equiped with a set of filters that are colored red, blue and violet. The red filter lets through red visible and infrared radiation. This radiation is used in cases of tissue inflammation for the purpose of reducing swelling, in case of skin injury and  slow healing wounds. It is also used in muscle pain and to neutralize the effects of violet radiation in the event of over exposure to this radiation for the purpose of reducing muscle tension before massage or kinetic physical therapy. The blue filter lets through blue or violet light and limits the passage of infrared (heat) radiation. The radiation that passes through this filter has an analgesic and calming effect and causes blood vessels to contract. The blue or violet filters are used in neural pain, in treatment of the effects of injury, in frostbite, hyperesthesia and vasomotor disorders. The choice of the filter used is dependent of the desired therapeutic effect.
  • Chronic and sub-acute rheumatoid and inflammatory conditions,
  • Degenerative joint disease,
  • Disc pathology, back pain syndromes,
  • Chronic inflammatory conditions of the nasal cavity, sinuses, external ear and mandibular joints, 
  • Preparation for massage and motion exercises.
  • Acute skin and soft tissue inflammatory conditions 
  • Tendency for bleeding 
  • fever
  • varicose veins 
  • Circulatory insufficiency 
  • Disturbances in periferral vascularization of the extremities
  • Active tuberculosis 
  • General emaciation 

Description of the treatment:

The patient assumes a comfortable position and uncovers the areas that are to be irradiated. Before the treatment the therapist makes sure that the patient does not have sensory deficiency. The patient should wear protective glasses during the treatment. The treatment last about 20 minutes.

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