Physical therapy


Physical therapy-a form of physiotherapy in which the organism reacts to various physical modalities that are either acquired naturally or are produced by special devices.
We propose the following therapies in our hospital
  1. Pin-point cryotherapy
  2. Pin-point laser light therapy
  3. Local laser light therapy
  4. Magnetic field therapy 
  5. Galvanization 
  6. Ionoforesis 
  7. Sullux light
  8. Ultrasound
  9. Phonoforesis 
  10. Interferential  currents therapy
  11. Diadynamic currents
  12. Electrical muscle stimulation
  13. Electric flow stimulation of the Lower extremities 
  14. Electric stimulation using TENS, KOTZ and TRAEBERT currents 
  15. Vitafon


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