Systematic Rehabilitation


We offer in-patient rehabilitation; Systematic Rehabilitation
According to the World Health Organization the definition of rehabilitation is ”a process aimed at enabling people with disabilities to reach and maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and social functional levels. Rehabilitation provides disabled people with the tools they need to attain independence and self-determination.”
Rehabilitation is focused on:
  • Restoring full range of motion
  • Restoring muscle strength
  • Restoring deep perception (proprioperception)
  • Mantaining full independence in everyday activities
We rehabilitate patients with:
  • Intervertebral disc disease and other spinal pain syndromes
  • With degenerative joint disease,
  • With peripheral circulation problems,
  • T|hat have undergone mascectomy,
  • That have undergone surgery,
  • That have suffered multitrauma


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