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Our New Out-patient Clinics are now open !!!
The Barska Rehabilitation Hospital has opened new Out-patient Clinics: The Weight Loss Treatment Clinic. The Pain Treatment Clinic. Our patients are provided with consultations from physicians, dieticians as well as physical therapists to ensure complex solutions to their health [...]
Patients In serious condition
Patients In serious conditionThe Barska Rehabilitation Hospital admits patients that had suffered serious neurological incidents (stroke, neurological trauma), and require special care due to the necessity of implementing a PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube) or tracheostomy tube. The Barska Rehabilitation Hospital w [...]
A healthy student In a healthy body.
A healthy student In a healthy body.We have re-started corrective gymnastics lessons We invite all school aged children to attend. Detailed information is available at : 54 233 40 50,51 [...]

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